SALE of Czech Organic Hops

SALE of Czech hops under conversion to organic farming (of the transitional period).

Hop Research Institute Co., Ltd. is breeder and maintainer all Czech hop varieties. It verifies these varieties with respect to all-embracing cultivation at its research farm in Stekník near Žatec (Saaz).

Harvested cones has been processing by an external partner to hop products, mostly to hop pellets type 90, then kept in air-conditioned self-storage hops.

Hop Research Institute Co., Ltd. is a member of the Union of traders and processors of hops CR. It belongs to the significant merchandiser in hops, the market situation is closely monitoring.

We supply the finest Czech hops of own provenance to the domestic and foreign markets.

Recently there has been a demand for hops produced under conditions of organic farming. In 2009, we instigated the first hop growers to enter into organic hop farming, in 2011 alone, we entered the transition period. According to the legislative requirements, it takes three years transitional period before it can be grown hops thus certified as organic, then the phrase means "under conversion to organic farming" or "the transitional period". The new innovative product that makes its way to the hop market, is also included in our portfolio.

We offer hop products all our customers who appreciate the quality of the famous Czech hops. The advantage is the focus on all types of customers, which are:

large breweries,
medium-sized breweries,
small breweries,
restaurant breweries,
craft (mini-, micro-) breweries,
interested in "homebrewing",
and all producers of organic-beer.

Part of our business is an experimental brewery where we test the effect of hops on beer quality. Verification is performed traditional beer brewing technology (brewhouse - fermentation - cellar) and new technologies (cylinder-conic-tank).

The subject of brewing with an emphasis on hops is reflected in advisory activities for our customers.

Contact us, we are ready to listen to your needs, analyze them and offer solutions. There are customers who have given us in the references. À propos, there is no time to join them?

To your orders and inquiries looks forward:

Ing. Josef PATZAK, Ph.D.
managing director

Tel.: +420 415 732 133
GSM: +420 724 929 535

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