The auditorium (assembly hall), tasting- and conference room for rent

Hop Research Institute Co., Ltd., scientific-research base in the area of cultivation, harvest and post-harvest treatment of hops, has its premises in a number of representative rooms in Žatec (Saaz) – auditorium (assembly hall), tasting- and conference room - which can be rented.

For questions on renting these rooms, please contact:

Mrs Patricie Buchtová
executive secretariat
Phone: +420 415 732 101

The AUDITORIUM (assembly hall)

The auditorium is used for conferences, seminars, training sessions, meetings, board, or other private meetings and social events. A unique acoustics of auditorium boasts thanks to the architectural design. It is equipped with sound equipment (wireless microphones, speakers), which can be connected to the projection technique (data-projector, PC), and with Internet connection (WiFi free).

Auditorium capacity is ideal for organizing events with the number of participants from 50 to 150 people.

Background consists of a kitchen for preparing meals and heating ("catering"). Bathroom (ladies / gents), mobile tapping device ("faucet") and promotional stand is located in the foyer.

The foyer is accessed from the lobby, which can be used for promotional purposes.

There is parking in front of and inside the premises.


Auditorium - entrance from the foyer
Auditorium - entrance from the foyer


The name is derived from "tasting beers", which is an integral component of activities Hop Research Institute Co., Ltd. Room L-shaped forms a large round table with bench stable, across which there are several variably arranged tables, also with built-in bench. There is a mobile beer tap. Bathroom (ladies / gents) is in the hallway.

The optimal capacity is up to 30 persons.



It is equipped with tables and technical design (built-in data-projector, projection screen) and free internet access. The room is a stable tap-room, sanitary facilities (dishwasher), cooking stoves for heating, white goods (microwave oven, refrigerator) and refrigerator (type "wine cellar"). The recommended capacity is up to 35 people.


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