Department of Chemistry hop

The laboratory is equipped with top instrumentation for gas and liquid chromatography, UV-VIS spectroscopy and conductometry.

Department activities are focused on:

Analyses of hops and hop products for growers and business organizations in order, declaration of Quality for the purpose of buying and selling hops.

Research projects financially supported by the State (GAČR, NAZV, MPO, MŠMT) in the field of breeding, growing and processing hops, content and composition of secondary metabolites of hops and the occurrence of contaminants.

List of analyzes

The water content of hops and hop products
Biological additives
Conductivity value of hops (CSN, EBC 7.4, 7.7 EBC, EBC 7.6)
Determination of the content and composition of bitter acids (EBC 7.7)
The content and composition of hop oils (GC / MS)
The content of seeds
The content of nitrate liquid chromatography
Determination of xanthohumol in hops and desmethylxanthohumol
The composition of hop resins Wőllmerovou method
Antioxidant activity of hops (DPPH)
Index aging hops (ASBC)
Spectrophotometric determination of alpha and beta bitter acids (ASBC)
Determination of pesticide residues
The content of total polyphenols

Beer, wort:

Determination of bitterness units (EBC)
The content of xanthohumol and isoxanthohumol
The content of total polyphenols
Iso-alpha, alpha and beta bitter acids by liquid chromatography


Ing. Karel KROFTA, Ph.D.

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