Department of Hop Cultivation

The hop department mainly deals with agrotechnology in hop gardens, advisory services for growers and research in the field of hop agriculture, irrigation, nutrition and fertilization. Among the main scientific and other specialist activities are:

Establishing of parental cultures for hop reproduction using meristems, namely in the case of Saaz variety (Osvald clone 31, 72 and 114) and in the case of hybrid varieties (Sládek, Premiant, Agnus, Harmonie, Bor, Rubín, Kazbek, Vital, Saaz late, Bohemie).
Evaluation of climatic data in hop-growing areas; based on this, the need and extent of irrigation is specified.
Advisory activities in terms of contracts for work dealing with hop growing technology, its inspection in productive hop gardens in agricultural areas.
Hop nutrition using basic nutrients.
Fertilizer verification.
Extra-root hop nutrition application.
Verification of new types of supporting and growth substances on hop growing.
Organization and training of hop-pickers and hop dryer mechanics.
Integrated system of hop production.
The hop growing on low trellis.
The organic hop growing.
Analysis of research projects financially supported by the government (NAAR, MIT, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports).


Ing. Josef Ježek, Ph.D.

phone: +420 415 732 138
ORCID: 0000-0002-8863-0685

Ing. Pavel Donner, Ph.D.
phone: +420 415 732 140

Miroslav Brynda

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