Department hop protection

Protection against hop diseases and pests.
Determination of the toxicological data, including indices of resistance mnohogeneračních hop pests in laboratory tests.
Implementation of comparative field trials within the solution strategy of hops against diseases and pests.
The annual compilation methodologies hop protection against harmful organisms for Chmelař the expert group for the protection of hops in the Ministry of Agriculture in Prague.
Establishing and evaluating registration attempts with new prospective pesticides in international cooperation under applicable principles of EPPO using methodologies and certificate-based GEP (Good Experimental Practice).
Monitoring the dynamics of residues as a basis for establishing MRLs (Maximum Residue Level) for new pesticides and the smooth export of Czech hops abroad.
Providing consulting services for growers of hops (seminars, electronic mail, individual consultation).
Integrovaná ochrana chmele, biologická ochrana chmele s prioritním zaměřením proti hospodářsky nejvýznamnějším škůdcům a chorobám.
Monitoring the secondary negative effects of existing and new perspective of registered pesticides on natural enemies of the most economically important pest of hops.
Collaboration in the process of breeding for resistance to hop fungal diseases - artificial infection, infestation of hop plants in field trials.


Ing. Josef VOSTŘEL, CSc.
phone: +420 415 732 122
gsm: +420 724 302 255

Ing. Markéta Trefilová
(maternity leave, 3/2022)

Lukáš Hájek

Research station - Tirschitz
Ing. Ivo Klapal

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